Honda Creative Studio
Content Strategy, Content Writing, Script Supervision, Social Copy

On YouTube, Honda decided to unify their youth-focused Music and Gaming initiatives under one umbrella, known as the Creative Studio. This merger created the need for new series on the platform, so we threw our hats in the ring too. Whether it was host scripts, social copy, or trivia questions, it was written by your boy.

Agency: Quantasy    CD: Lucy Wang, Trenton Foon    Art Director: Kevin Carter

It’s no secret that dance is a huge force in the social media landscape. But what most don’t know is that one of the early supporters of the dance community was the car community — often hosting grassroots competitions at car meets. We wanted to pay homage to this shared history, and recreate that setting for the current era of dance.

Beat of the Street

Made in collaboration with STEEZY Studio

Honda has supported HBCUs for decades, but had rarely expanded their efforts beyond title sponsorships. With this series, we wanted to give them a new, fun way to spotlight the immensely-talented students they impact.


Directed by Maya Table